Is buying an electric knife a good idea?

Every chef, amateur or not, knows that good knives are a must for a properly equipped kitchen. Kitchen knives come in different types and every single one has its purpose. Having a knife that cuts well makes preparing food more enjoyable and efficient. But kitchen knives don’t have to be manual knives. Lately, a different type of knife, called an electric knife, has surged in popularity.

The electric knife has actually first appeared in the 1970s. They were also referred to as ‘electric carving knives’ because their main purpose was carving meat, for example, a turkey during Thanksgiving. They later faded from the public because they were deemed to be a fancy and expensive tool that isn’t really necessary just for cutting meat a few times a year. But nowadays, electric knives have become a multi-purpose tool that can make cooking (and not only cooking) much easier.

Electric knife uses


The electric knife was invented for easier meat cutting and it’s still its main purpose. By using an electric knife you can get even slices of any kind of meat. It especially works amazingly well on roasts. Filleting fish is also doable.

Another big use of electric knives is slicing bread. Freshly-baked bread smells and tastes wonderful but can be difficult to cut. A perfect loaf of bread has a hardened and crispy crust and soft inside but that makes it hard to slice with a regular manual knife. But electric knives have no problems with cutting through the bread to get you that perfect slice. So if you are a baker or often go to the bakery then an electric knife can be a real game-changer for you.

The same goes for cakes. An electric knife will take care of cutting any cake, ice cream or regular, with no problem. You won’t have to deal with uneven slices, crumbling sponges or creams and jellies getting all over the slice and messing up your intricate designs.


An electric knife can also be a handy tool for any DIY or arts and crafts. Cutting relatively soft materials like cardboard, styrofoam, or thin pieces of wood can be easily done with an electric knife. It’s easier to make a clean cut than when using scissors so if you find yourself in a situation requiring lots of slicing and cutting than an electric knife will help you out immensely. Of course, be sure to clean it carefully if you’re planning on using it back in the kitchen.

Where to buy an electric knife

Electric knives have become a ubiquitous tool that can be found in almost any larger retail store. At Electric Knife Walmart you will find a large selection of various kitchen knives. Some of the more interesting models are Cuisinart Electric Knife with different blade attachments or the NutriChef Premium Electric Knife that is both effective and very easy to use by anyone.

Getting rid of humidity in your home: how to do it

Humidity can be one of your worst enemies at home, and knowing how to get rid of it before its effects start affecting you and your family is paramount. High levels of moisture in any place of your house can bring about a mold or mildew invasion that not only affects the aesthetics of your home, but also can be harmful to your loved ones’ health if left unattended. It is a common issue and it can be very hard to deal with if ignored for long, which is why today we want to guide you through the process of getting rid of humidity in your home before it’s too late.

Regularly check your house for signs of humidity

It might not seem like much, but like with diseases, prevention is half the battle. Regularly doing the rounds around your house to check for signs of untreated humidity can mark the difference between fixing a leak and having to restore an entire room. You should be particularly mindful of cabinets under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, showers, areas where you know water piper run through, and gardens if you have them.

Keep everything properly ventilated

It should go without saying, but humidity builds up mainly due to not enough ventilation. Sure, other elements like temperature play a role in mold and mildew buildup, but the most important thing you can do if you suspect mold is growing in your home or you have evidence it has started, is to open a window or keep the corridor leading to the room ventilated by any means necessary. Get a fan if you need to, but don’t let it start growing. If a room starts to get that closed-door smell, it is time to pay more attention to it.

Perform regular maintenance on humidity-prone areas

If you have started seeing signs of mold growing in your home, it is time to take matters into your own hands to prevent further damage. Your best move would be getting some bleach and start scrubbing deep all around the affected area, since bleach is a household item that should be readily available to you to combat the issue. However, if things look worse than expected, getting your hands on the best mold killer or mildew remover you can buy should do the trick to keep everything dry. From then on, it’s all a matter of maintenance.

Get help from experts if things get out of control

If routine home maintenance does nothing to the mold or mildew, perhaps it is best to let the professionals handle the problem. Your humidity issue might be deep-rooted directly on the materials where mold is appearing and not just at a surface level. In fact, this is the case most times when people find out they have a severe moisture and mold problem. The solution isn’t cheap but living with such infestation in your house is not healthy in the long run either. Let experts do their job and help you out by any means necessary, and get rid of the mold like the pest it is.

Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer Review

Its true when they say that all the good things come to us in small packages. And the Lemontec-Portable Travel-Garment Steamer proves it just right. Taking the least possible space in your travel bag, it puts out strongest steam and gets all the wrinkles out of your clothes.

It is the most perfectly designed and power packed steam iron. Its unique new design of nozzle enables even and equal distribution of steam for a seamless ironed cloth.

The product is basically expert in a box and helps you work your way professionally on your garments.

Features That Stand Out

Size: The steamer here stands out because of its size. It is feather light and fits perfectly in your bag. It helps you reduce the stress on your packing regime before traveling. Some people take a back step when they think about compromise. They will have to make to let go of other items. But this compact steamer helps you lose that worry. But the size should not be confused for its performance. It comes with a long cable with 2 point and lets you travel without the need of extension cable.

Safety Standards: The product turns off automatically as soon as the water runs low or the unit is over heated. This protects you from short cicuits or burns of any kind. It also sports a light which indicates whether the steamer is on for you to be aware of its status.

Capacity: Although just 180ml, once empty, the refilled water takes hardly 70 seconds to reheat and for you to start ironing again. A full 180ml unit gives you non-stop 9 minute of steam iron time. This rarely means you need to stop your session midway and go for refill.

Warranty: The product comes with a good 5 year warranty for your satisfaction. Which is a sign of confident production quality in itself.

Performance: The unique nozzle design prevents it from spitting hot water while steaming. This is not the case in many other hand held steamers in the market. It outruns its quality in the price and size class.

Extensive Use: The steamer is not limited for use on one particular fabric. It can be as conveniently used on cotton and denim, as on silk. So put your worries back in the closet while taking this one out with you on your trip. Your biggest worry about keeping the life of your products intact gets sorted.


Put aside those heavy bulky irons and choose this option as it’s manageable and portable at the same time. This steamer is hands down the best steamer for clothes and works as an obvious substitute for conventional ironing method. It removes those nasty wrinkles fast and lets you set it up in just 70 seconds. Use of distilled water in the 180ml container helps reducing mineral getting built up inside the steamer. Your clothes feel as good as new and rejuvenated. Feel confident in wearing them to the beach and equally so for your board room meeting.


The Lemontec-Portable Travel Garment-Steamer is a power packed machine providing you with unparalleled service and experience. It is an absolute worth for its price range and built, keeping in user friendly design and comfort as top most priority. Not 100% convinced by this garment steamer? Check this list for top 10 picks & reviews.

A Walk in the Past.. Remember the CD Players!

I remember when I was a child walking through the city with my mum, we were passing through one of the electronic shops along the way when I saw an amazing blue Sony Cid player on the display shelf. Even then I was mind blown because I knew that this meant the end of the portable cassette players as I knew it.

A CD player is an electronic device that plays audio compact discs which are in a digital optical data disc format, they first appeared to consumers somewhere around the 80s. Around the time when the portable cassette players or Walkman as they were popularly known then were making waves in the market, and in no time they quickly became the new gadget preferred by the avid music listener since they could be interpreted into other audio systems such as home theaters. Car radios and also personal computers.

Modern units can also play other audio formats other than CD such as mp3, AAC and WMA, in some clubs. The Djs playing dance music use a special type of CD player with an adjustable playback system that allows them to change the pitch and the tempo of the music. Audio engineers also use professional audio CD players to play music at events they inter grate it with another machine known as a sound reinforcement system.

Even though we find that we have a variety of other audio formats we still find that most people still listen to Cod’s and actually prefer CD players to Pods and Mp3 players.for starters music artists use Cod’s to get their music out there since they can be duplicated and still retain the same audio quality.some car factories such as ford and Mitsubishi have 2016 models with CD players installed in their dashboard.

In 2014 Cambridge silicon radio system, an audio developing company in the UK did a survey of 2000 people who listen to music at home and they found that 77 percent of home listeners wanted high quality audio when it came to listening to their music, the kind of audio that can only be provided by the use of a CD player,the same study also showed that 76 percent of those who listen to music at home find that ease of use is critical when it comes to choosing new systems for their homes, and the CD player is by far the easiest gadget to use since its a matter of placing a CD into the player and just hitting the play button

My neighbor still owns a Sony disc man he got from Dubai while on a business trip and at times I find it funny that he stall values it as much as I value my mp3 player, but that slick design, the sight of the CD spinning in the background,and the undeniable sound quality that comes from the player makes me understand as to why he admires his CD player.

CD players take you back to a time when life was awesome and the music was truly appreciated. The slick design. Simple interface. And the fact that it can be used in audio playing devices makes the CD player a hard gadget to phase out, despite the pods and mp3 players that make it into the market daily we still find that the CD player is still a useful tool to keep around for the avid music listener after all ”old is gold”

If you’re thinking of going old school and getting a CD player instead of an mp3 player, we’d highly recommend a decent pair of headphones, see this list for reference:

Here’s Why Tucson Arizona is a Must Visit

Tucson is the county seat of Pima County, Arizona and is situated one hundred and eighteen miles south of Phoenix. It covers an area of one hundred and ninety-five square miles and has a population of over five hundred and forty thousand residents. A lot of the city’s economic development can be attributed to the development of the University of Arizona. The University of Arizona is at the moment, the largest employer in Tucson. Another major employer in the city is Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The existence of the Air Force base, as well as the United States Army Intelligence Center as created a large number of high tech industries in the city. High tech companies that are located in the city include Texas Instruments, Ventana Medical Systems, Universal Avionics, Sanofi-Aventis, Raytheon Missile Systems, IBM, Bombardier Aerospace and Sunquest Information.

Tourism is also another key component of Tucson’s economy. Tourism brings in over three and a half million visitors to the city and adds over two billion dollars to the local economy. Another factor that drives the local economy is the hordes of Sonorans, who travel the sixty miles from Mexico to the city to purchase good that can’t be found in their country. Tucson is a city that attracts visitors due to the large number of festivals that are held throughout the year. A prominent festival in the city is the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. This annual festival is held for two weeks in February. It is one of the biggest gem shows in the world and features a large selection of mineral specimens. It is estimated that the show attracts over fifty thousand people from over twenty-five countries. Another prominent festival in the city is the Tucson Folk Festival.

This festival is held the first weekend of May and is set up at El Presidio Park. The event is known for its national headline acts and over one hundred regional musicians who perform on five stages. The festival also has craft booths, food vendors, micro-breweries and children’s events. The Fourth Avenue Street Fairs is another event that takes place in Tucson during the months of March and December. This event is held between Ninth Street and University Boulevard and has craft booths, street performers and food vendors. The last event in the city is the Tucson Rodeo (also known as the Fiesta de los Vaqueros). This is the annual rodeo week, which occurs during the month of February.

A popular tourist attraction in the city of Tucson is Fort Lowell. Fort Lowell was originally an American Army post that was active from 1873 to 1891 and is situated on the outer fringes of the city. The fort provided protection to the city during the Apache campaigns. It also provided rations and personnel for outlying military installations. During its tour of duty, the fort had over two hundred and thirty-nine enlisted soldiers and one hundred and thirty officers. Prominent army units that were stationed here include the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, eight and twelfth Infantry Regiments. The fort featured a large parade ground, enlisted quarters, NCO quarters, storehouses and officers quarters. Today, Fort Lowell has been converted into park and contains tennis courts, baseball fields and a public swimming pool. The former officer quarters have been converted into a branch museum of the Arizona Historical Society.

Another prominent attraction in the city is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. This museum was founded in 1952 and has a zoo, museum and a botanical garden. This is one of the most visited attractions in the city and receives over half a million people every year. Its located on one hundred acres of Sonoran Desert and contains a collection of mostly living exhibits. The zoo contains over one hundred mammals, two hundred and forty-one birds, three hundred and sixty-one reptiles, one hundred and twenty-two amphibians, ten thousand fish, and over eight hundred and forty arthropods. Their botanical gardens has over forty thousand plants and their museum has over six thousand books, eighty-three periodicals and fourteen thousand specimens.

The Pima Air & Space Museum is another prominent attraction in Tucson. This museum is the world’s largest aerospace museum that’s not affiliated or funded by a government agency. It was founded in 1976 and originally had seventy-five aircraft. Today, it contains over two hundred and fifty aircraft situated on eighty acres. The entire property of the museum covers an area of one hundred and fifty acres. Aircraft that are located here include a B-36J Peacemaker, B-29 Superfortress, A-10A Thunderbolt II, Avro Shackleton, A-26 Invader, 377-SG Super Guppy, VC-118A Liftmaster, NB-52A Stratofortress, B-58 Hustler, B-23 Dragon and a P-47 Thunderbolt.

An attraction that everyone should see while in the city of Tucson is the Titan Missile Museum. This museum was originally a Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Site that is located fifteen miles south of the city. It contains the original launch facilities and a dummy Titan II missile in the silo. The underground silo features eight foot thick concrete walls and three ton blast doors. The eight level contains propellant pumps, the seventh level provides access to the lower launch duct, and the third level contains a diesal generator. The Titan II missile was the largest nuclear missile to be used by the United States and had a blast force of over nine megatons. Tours are available at this silo and feature a six story view of the silo and a one hour tour of the control rooms. This silo also contains a gift shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs.