A Walk in the Past.. Remember the CD Players!

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I remember when I was a child walking through the city with my mum, we were passing through one of the electronic shops along the way when I saw an amazing blue Sony Cid player on the display shelf. Even then I was mind blown because I knew that this meant the end of the portable cassette players as I knew it.

A CD player is an electronic device that plays audio compact discs which are in a digital optical data disc format, they first appeared to consumers somewhere around the 80s. Around the time when the portable cassette players or Walkman as they were popularly known then were making waves in the market, and in no time they quickly became the new gadget preferred by the avid music listener since they could be interpreted into other audio systems such as home theaters. Car radios and also personal computers.

Modern units can also play other audio formats other than CD such as mp3, AAC and WMA, in some clubs. The Djs playing dance music use a special type of CD player with an adjustable playback system that allows them to change the pitch and the tempo of the music. Audio engineers also use professional audio CD players to play music at events they inter grate it with another machine known as a sound reinforcement system.

Even though we find that we have a variety of other audio formats we still find that most people still listen to Cod’s and actually prefer CD players to Pods and Mp3 players.for starters music artists use Cod’s to get their music out there since they can be duplicated and still retain the same audio quality.some car factories such as ford and Mitsubishi have 2016 models with CD players installed in their dashboard.

In 2014 Cambridge silicon radio system, an audio developing company in the UK did a survey of 2000 people who listen to music at home and they found that 77 percent of home listeners wanted high quality audio when it came to listening to their music, the kind of audio that can only be provided by the use of a CD player,the same study also showed that 76 percent of those who listen to music at home find that ease of use is critical when it comes to choosing new systems for their homes, and the CD player is by far the easiest gadget to use since its a matter of placing a CD into the player and just hitting the play button

My neighbor still owns a Sony disc man he got from Dubai while on a business trip and at times I find it funny that he stall values it as much as I value my mp3 player, but that slick design, the sight of the CD spinning in the background,and the undeniable sound quality that comes from the player makes me understand as to why he admires his CD player.

CD players take you back to a time when life was awesome and the music was truly appreciated. The slick design. Simple interface. And the fact that it can be used in audio playing devices makes the CD player a hard gadget to phase out, despite the pods and mp3 players that make it into the market daily we still find that the CD player is still a useful tool to keep around for the avid music listener after all ”old is gold”

If you’re thinking of going old school and getting a CD player instead of an mp3 player, we’d highly recommend a decent pair of headphones, see this list for reference: www.anyheadphones.com

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