Is buying an electric knife a good idea?

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Every chef, amateur or not, knows that good knives are a must for a properly equipped kitchen. Kitchen knives come in different types and every single one has its purpose. Having a knife that cuts well makes preparing food more enjoyable and efficient. But kitchen knives don’t have to be manual knives. Lately, a different type of knife, called an electric knife, has surged in popularity.

The electric knife has actually first appeared in the 1970s. They were also referred to as ‘electric carving knives’ because their main purpose was carving meat, for example, a turkey during Thanksgiving. They later faded from the public because they were deemed to be a fancy and expensive tool that isn’t really necessary just for cutting meat a few times a year. But nowadays, electric knives have become a multi-purpose tool that can make cooking (and not only cooking) much easier.

Electric knife uses


The electric knife was invented for easier meat cutting and it’s still its main purpose. By using an electric knife you can get even slices of any kind of meat. It especially works amazingly well on roasts. Filleting fish is also doable.

Another big use of electric knives is slicing bread. Freshly-baked bread smells and tastes wonderful but can be difficult to cut. A perfect loaf of bread has a hardened and crispy crust and soft inside but that makes it hard to slice with a regular manual knife. But electric knives have no problems with cutting through the bread to get you that perfect slice. So if you are a baker or often go to the bakery then an electric knife can be a real game-changer for you.

The same goes for cakes. An electric knife will take care of cutting any cake, ice cream or regular, with no problem. You won’t have to deal with uneven slices, crumbling sponges or creams and jellies getting all over the slice and messing up your intricate designs.


An electric knife can also be a handy tool for any DIY or arts and crafts. Cutting relatively soft materials like cardboard, styrofoam, or thin pieces of wood can be easily done with an electric knife. It’s easier to make a clean cut than when using scissors so if you find yourself in a situation requiring lots of slicing and cutting than an electric knife will help you out immensely. Of course, be sure to clean it carefully if you’re planning on using it back in the kitchen.

Where to buy an electric knife

Electric knives have become a ubiquitous tool that can be found in almost any larger retail store. At Electric Knife Walmart you will find a large selection of various kitchen knives. Some of the more interesting models are Cuisinart Electric Knife with different blade attachments or the NutriChef Premium Electric Knife that is both effective and very easy to use by anyone.

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