Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer Review

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Its true when they say that all the good things come to us in small packages. And the Lemontec-Portable Travel-Garment Steamer proves it just right. Taking the least possible space in your travel bag, it puts out strongest steam and gets all the wrinkles out of your clothes.

It is the most perfectly designed and power packed steam iron. Its unique new design of nozzle enables even and equal distribution of steam for a seamless ironed cloth.

The product is basically expert in a box and helps you work your way professionally on your garments.

Features That Stand Out

Size: The steamer here stands out because of its size. It is feather light and fits perfectly in your bag. It helps you reduce the stress on your packing regime before traveling. Some people take a back step when they think about compromise. They will have to make to let go of other items. But this compact steamer helps you lose that worry. But the size should not be confused for its performance. It comes with a long cable with 2 point and lets you travel without the need of extension cable.

Safety Standards: The product turns off automatically as soon as the water runs low or the unit is over heated. This protects you from short cicuits or burns of any kind. It also sports a light which indicates whether the steamer is on for you to be aware of its status.

Capacity: Although just 180ml, once empty, the refilled water takes hardly 70 seconds to reheat and for you to start ironing again. A full 180ml unit gives you non-stop 9 minute of steam iron time. This rarely means you need to stop your session midway and go for refill.

Warranty: The product comes with a good 5 year warranty for your satisfaction. Which is a sign of confident production quality in itself.

Performance: The unique nozzle design prevents it from spitting hot water while steaming. This is not the case in many other hand held steamers in the market. It outruns its quality in the price and size class.

Extensive Use: The steamer is not limited for use on one particular fabric. It can be as conveniently used on cotton and denim, as on silk. So put your worries back in the closet while taking this one out with you on your trip. Your biggest worry about keeping the life of your products intact gets sorted.


Put aside those heavy bulky irons and choose this option as it’s manageable and portable at the same time. This steamer is hands down the best steamer for clothes and works as an obvious substitute for conventional ironing method. It removes those nasty wrinkles fast and lets you set it up in just 70 seconds. Use of distilled water in the 180ml container helps reducing mineral getting built up inside the steamer. Your clothes feel as good as new and rejuvenated. Feel confident in wearing them to the beach and equally so for your board room meeting.


The Lemontec-Portable Travel Garment-Steamer is a power packed machine providing you with unparalleled service and experience. It is an absolute worth for its price range and built, keeping in user friendly design and comfort as top most priority. Not 100% convinced by this garment steamer? Check this list for top 10 picks & reviews.

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